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Now, imagine harnessing even more power to revolutionize your content. Introducing Magic Cut, the perfect upgrade to ReDub. While ReDub gave you the canvas, Magic Cut hands you the brush to paint masterpieces with AI precision.

Some groundbreaking features in Magic Cut were curated exclusively for discerning content creators. This isn't just about editing; it's about sculpting your narrative to perfection.

Why limit your narrative to just creating when you can also curate and perfect? Dive into the future of video editing with Magic Cut and stay leagues ahead of the content curve. Don't let this opportunity to redefine your content's impact slip away!
How to use it
Upload or Import Video
Don’t worry about mistakes or interruptions.
Hit the “Magic Cut” button
Our AI will summarize the content, keep the important part only, remove umm, ahhs, bad takes, silences and more.
Export a ready to share video
Share it on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube or Anywhere you like
AI-Powered Trim
Say goodbye to redundant pauses, stutters, and irrelevant sections. The AI efficiently identifies and removes them, ensuring a smooth flow in your content.
Smart Scene Detection
Our algorithm analyzes your footage and automatically segments it into distinct scenes, enabling easier editing and transition addition.
Content-Focused Edits
Magic Cut identifies the core content of your footage and ensures it remains the focal point, trimming out the fluff without losing the message.
Dynamic Transition Application
Depending on the mood and theme of your content, the AI suggests and applies fitting transitions between scenes, adding professional polish to your edits.
Audio Enhancement & Sync
Any imperfections in audio continuity due to the cuts are smoothed out. Magic Cut ensures audio levels are consistent and background music or voiceovers sync perfectly with the edited footage.
Optimized Output for Socials
Depending on the platform - be it Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or others - Magic Cut tailors the edit's format and aspect ratio, ensuring it looks native to the platform.
Custom Duration Edits
Need a 30-second snippet for an ad or a 1-minute version for Instagram? Specify your desired duration, and Magic Cut will adapt your footage to fit the timeframe while preserving key content.
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Magic Cut
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ReDub Magic Cut
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